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  • 1933

Suffering and



and Bread

We have already seen this poster before. It was produced in the closing days of the Reichstag Elections for November 1932. Since Hitler had had decided to fight the new campaign using the same slogan -- work and bread, this older version could be used.

Moreover, since the disappointing results of the November elections had been compounded by the startling increase of Communist voters, the Nazis could now use this particular poster to warn again of the dangers of socialism.

The picture on the left, showing ruined buildings and silent factories, is dark and dreary, with the Hammer and Sickel of Communism and the Three Arrows of the SPD's para-military organization. casting a rather strange pall over the whole scene.

In contrast, under the "sun" of the Swastika, with the superimposed inscription of Work and Bread, a bright landscape of smoking factory chimneys imply a return to full economic prosperity. But of course to gain this paradise, Germans have to

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