Political Posters
from the Depression Years

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  • "Q," Brunswick
  • 1930
Mother, Protect your Child!

The Reds are poisoning his soul

 As in the previous poster, in the 1930 Reichstag election campaign Hitler increasingly turned to family-oreiented themes. Indeed, the posters of this year largely drop the images which had previously characterized Nazi propaganda -- the powerful images of aroused indignation. This new approach is well represented by this poster for the Reichstag elections.

Since Reichstag elections operated under the proportional representation system, smaller parties frequently formed "unity lists" for certain areas, with a private arrangement as to how they would divide up the seats should they attract enough support. In the State of Brunschweig (known in English as Brunswick), the Nazis and Middle Class parties formed a voting block for this purpose and this classic Nazi graphic was issue.

The rest of the caption reads:


The only help comes from
the Bourgeois Unity List.
Think about this on 14 Sept.

List Nr 22

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