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  • 1933


Jews in the German Economy

This untitled poster, in the form of old-fashioned wood-cuts -- displays the Nazi vision of Jews in the German economy.

It begins on the upper right hand corner, where a family of impoverished "Eastern Jews" cross into Germany. Their ugly features and ragged clothes project a picture of aliens.

At the bottom right, a "cattle Jew" arrives to claim his reward. Throughout the poorer farming areas of central Europe, Jews dominated the high-risk seed and cattle business. Typically they would "give" seed or young calves to a farmer, and in return would collect a portion of the crop and, in this case, the first calf.

The picture on the lower left shows the alien Jew moving in on the smal "Mom and Pop" business, while on the upper left, an overweight Jew spies on his employees and customers in a large department store.

The implications behind these pictures are that the Jews, having entered Germany impoverished, have enriched themselves at the expense of farmers, small businesses, and the gullible urban populations.

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