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  • 1933
  • Ludwig Hohlwein

Work and Bread

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This is another poster from the campaign for the Reichstag Elections of 5 March 1933. Once again it bears the slogan which Hitler had adopted for this race -- work and bread.

But unlike other posters using the same words, which clearly identifies the party with its second word -- the National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party [NSDAP] -- this poster places the emphasis upon the first word, NATIONAL. It achieves this by its predominant color scheme -- the Black and White colors of the former Kingdom of Prussia, and by the prominant head of an SA man, representing nationalist enthusiasm

Once again, the Nazis show how cleverly they can appeal to a variety of voters with simple messages.

On the other hand, we must not attribute too much fore-thought to every step the Nazis take. In this case, they had hired the prominant Munich artist Ludwig Hohlwein to draft this poster. Ever since World War I, Hohlwein had been actively involved with all sorts of Right-wing causes, and had created a number of posters honoring veteran's organizations and other Conservative causes.

The central figure in this poster is a direct copy from one of his most successful posters, from 1928. Thus, perhaps, the ambitious blend of nationalism and Nazism comes more from an artist now deciding to back the new leaders.

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