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  • 1924


Down with Financial Enslavement!

This unusual poster was also put out by the Völkischen Block while Hitler was in prison. Its theme is certainly consistent with the rest of the völkisch propaganda. Here a fat and ugly little Jew is riding a muzzled and bound German worker. The Jew waves a riding whip and seems to be enjoying pulling back the reins which dig into the mouth of his victim.

But the symbolism seems rather forced. If the Jew is riding the German, how can he go anywhere bound up by those chains? And if the Jew is merely torturing the German, why does he do this from the top, and why is he losing his hat?

But perhaps we should not be looking too closely. Clearly the idea was that Germany was enslaved to some financial power (Jewish), and in this slavery all that the bound man could do was look up with hope and anticipation to the Swastika which radiates light over a generally darkened scene.

Characterstic as such anti-Semitism was for the Völkischen Block, what makes this poster unusual is the caption at the bottom. Unlike the other encouragement to support the Völkischen Block, this poster says simply:

Vote National Socialist!

It is unclear whether this poster was designed deliberately to flaunt the government's ban on the NSDAP, or whether the völkisch leaders believed by using only an adjective they were keeping the letter, if not the spirit of the law. In any case, it is the last poster before Hitler is unexpectedly released from prison in the Christmas Amnesty of 1924.

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