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  • 1934

Youth Serves the Führer

All ten-year olds into the HJ


This is probably the most famous poster in Schirach's campaign for recruitment to the Hitler youth. He had long ago coined the phrase, "all ten year olds" into the Hitler Youth, but now he adds to it the idea that service to the Führer was the principal goal of the campaign.

Graphically the poster is very powerful. A brooding Hitler, eyes raised slightly as if gazing into the unknowable future, dominates the picture, while a young boy in the front apes the same pose -- face slightly raised and eyes gazing outward.

Throughout this period, the Hitler Youth was an all-volunteer organization. But already it was becoming clear that any parent who wanted their children to succeed in Nazi Germany would have to enroll them in the HJ.

Sufficient numbers of children, however, continued to be held away, especially by Catholics who feared the anti-religious tone of the Hitler Youth, and disapproved of the practice of scheduling HJ events on Sunday morning so that the children could not attend Mass.

Schirach's campaign to include all children in the HJ did not succeed until mid-1936 when a federal law made membership compulsory.

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