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  • 1933
German Destiny: 1918-1933

This unusual poster takes the form of a comic strip, tracing the plight of Germans in the Weimar Republic. It begins with a group of Socialist Agitators promising freedom, equality and fraternity, but rapidly these promises turn into fraud and corruption, practiced by the union bosses and Jews.

And while German families stand in welfare lines, the union bosses and Jews enrich themselves. even as they continue to make promises of a better life. And when the Germans face unemployment and starvation, the Jews continue to lord it over the population.

Finally, in the bottom panels, the rise of National Socialism is portrayhed as kicking out the bosses and showing the power of the organized will of the nation. In the last panel, grasping President Hindenburg's hand, Hitler stand above the conflicts of the past.

Each panel is accompanied by a doggeral verse, as an example here is the one that appears at the bottom:

What has started off has now come round

Shame, distress and serfdom abound.

Only one cure can now be done,

Vote Adolf Hitler, List Number One.

Vote National Socialist, List 1

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