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  • 1936
The Evolution of Communism


This Nationalist Spanish poster uses a device familiar in the German Revolution if 1918-19.

Repeatedly, posters used the hammer and sickel image and showed it transformed into horrible figures -- in this case a skull.

Adolf Hitler had played no role in the start of the Spanish Civil War, and while his fellow dictator Benito Mussolini sent armies to aid Franco, Hitler was content to ship only some supplies and a volunteer air division, the Condor Legion.

For Hitler, the Spanish Civil War was not primarily an ideological fight. Rather it served to disrupt the powerful Stresa Front which in early 1936 had threatened to isolate Germany and contain further peaceful expansion. But with Italy openly supporting the Spanish Naitonalist Rebels, and France subvertly supporting the Republic, and England trying to preserve strict neutrality, Europe's attention was diverted from containing German ambitions.

And yet, for Hitler, the savagry of the Civil War gave him a welcomed opportunity to push once more his anti-Communist message. Posters such as this seemed to confirm to many a confluence among the major Fascist powers.

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