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  • Pennern
  • 1933
Then and Now

We remain Comrades

The German Workers' Front 

Following the illegal and arbitrary seizure of numerous trade-union buildings and assets by Robert Ley, head of the NSBO -- National Socialist Factory Organization, the Nazi trade-union -- a new organization was created.

Called the German Workers' Front, it combined all the formerly independent unions -- socialist, communist, Catholic, and even private management-sponsored unions -- into one operation. Ley claimed that he was thereby "rescuing" the German workers from non-German, internationalist influences, and purging the working-class movement from domestic agitators.

This characteristic poster stresses this theme. In the background are the shadows of two World War I German soldiers -- members of the "Front Line Community" in which all traces of class and religious divisions had disappeared.

In front of them stand a white collar worker (on the left, with his tie, pens in his pocket and a compass) and a blue-collar worker, with his sledge-hammer.

The DAF insisted that they had healed the class divisions and cited as their model the Front Line soldiers of the Great War.

Significantly, although formed in 1933, the DAF did not receive legal recognition until late 1934.

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