Political Posters
from the Depression Years

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  • 1930

Christian Cross?
On Wednesday 26 Novemberr 1930, in the
Citizens Center

Pastor Kupsch of Riesenburg will discuss:

The Old Prejudices fall
A New Time Breaks Out

District Leader Schoeps will discuss:

The Red-Black Dictatorship

While Hitler and his propaganda experts concentrated upon broad issues, local Nazi organizations, such as in the East Prussian capital of Königsberg plastered the walls of their town with posters appealing to local themes. This one announces two speeches, by a Lutherna Minister and by the district party leader of Königsberg. With the cross and Swastika outlined in purple in the background (the color traditionally associated with the Lutheran Churches in Germany), the poster clearly implies that there is no fundamental contradiction between the two. Indeed, from the title of the District Leader's speech, he attributes any suspicion of conflict to the machinations of the two "international" groups of Germany -- the Reds (Communists) and the Blacks (Roman Catholics).

The de-centralized nature of the Nazi party made it an extremely effective vehicle to address both local and national issues. Local groups would usually not have the money for fancy posters and so had to be content with such placards.

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