The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1929
The Last Cow
or: The End Result of Young Politics

This poster is Hitler's first contribution to the anti-Young Plan Plebescite of December 1929. Here he addresses the German peasant-farmer. The illustration implies that the Republic's politicians who had accepted the Young Plan were doing so fully aware that the major victim would be German farmers. In the graphics, a farmer comforts his wife and children while two men dressed like union-organizers (that is the SPD) drive off a cow while an overweight Jewish-looking man stands smoking his cigar and clutching a briefcase.

As with his 1919-1924 attacks upon the "November Criminals" who had allegedly sold out Germany, so here once again, Hitler falls back upon a simple message. The "November Criminals" are at it again. Jews and Socialists are plundering Germany in order to benefit the Allies.

The caption at the bottom reads:

German Farmer: whoever stirs you up against National Socialism takes away your last savior.
The German Farmer cannot live if the German Volk dies.
But only one can save the German Volk:
Hitler and his Brown Army!

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