The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1929
  • Mjölnir (Hans Schweitzer)

Down with Corruption


This is another successful poster from the artist Mjölnir. It shows his favorite approach -- a muscular fist of an arm identified as a Nazi worker smashes the table of the "Establishment." Here, at the head, sits a Soviet Functionary (identified by the red star), and at the foot of the table, three terrified figures shrink back. The top one of these, with his red hat flying off, is a labor union organizer. Next to him is the stereotypical overweight Jew, and the third is identified as Sklarek, a Jewish swindler who had recently been found to have embezzled hundreds of thousands of Reichsmarks from unsuspecting clients.

The graphic of a fist over a table of the enemy was frequently found in Communist posters of the day. But Mjölnir has gone them one better. Here the fist is not merely threatening, it lands with a crash upon the table itself.

In addition to the fleeing figures, the powerful Nazi fist scatters the money and coins which have been the subject of this "discussion" between Communists and Jews. The caption, of course, refers not to corruption in general, but specifically this scandal which the poster associates with Jews and Communists. This poster was designed for state elections in late 1928 in Bavaria, which explains the relatively high List Number for the Nazis. In 1928, they were the 10th largest party nation wide. Here the caption at the bottom, states:

Vote National Socialist

List 4


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