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  • 1933
Come Join US!

German Young Volk

in the Hitler Youth

This poster is another issued by Baldur von Schirach in the early months of 1934 as part of his campaign to expand the Hitler Youth. This one is aimed at the very youngest boys, those aged between 8 and 12, who are being recruited here for the Young Volk, the lowest-age group in the Hitler Youth.

Although an independent branch of the NSDAP, the Hitler Youth was always viewed by the SA and the SS as the source for future recruits. So a close relationship developed especially between Heinrich Himmler's SS and the Hitler Youth.

This relationship is symbolized by the jagged lightening-bolt on the flag. It was part of the ruinic symbolism which Himmler favored and had adopted for the SS.

The Hitler Youth, in turn, took up this symbolism for its flags.

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