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  • 1935

Your Colonies!

This unusual poster is fascinating because it illustrates the ability of competing German organizations to appropriate Nazi symbols in order to advance their own agendas -- even when the Party and the Nazi Government did NOT support their issue.

The Versailles Treaty had taken away all of Germany's overseas colonies. Those in the South Pacific went to the United States, while the large ones in Africa went primarily to Great Britain. This poster shows Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, located in the former German colony of Tanganyika, currently run by Great Britain under the title of Rhodesia.

Immediately after the war, the German Colonial League reformed and began a campaign to raise the consciousness of Germans about their lost colonies, and to urge the government to insist upon their return. To this end, they frequently produced posters such as this.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler had rejected all ideas of overseas colonies, and had laughingly dismissed the idea that Africans could be turned into Germans! And at no time did his government or his party take up the idea of colonies.

But the German Colonial League ignored this "indifference," and here the Swastika flies over Mt. Kilimanjaro, while the German eagle seems to gaze longingly at this lost territory. To a casual observer, it would appear as if Nazi Germany was bent on recovering these territories, but in fact no such policy existed, or was even contemplated.So this poster is propaganda against the government and its ruling pary!

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