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  • 1933
Germans Buy Only

in German Stores  

This poster appeared as part of the campaign against Jewish businesses that started on 1 April 1933, but the graphics employed are some of the oldest in the Nazi political vocabulary. The scene shows a small "Mom and Pop" store completely surrounded by large department stores, all of whom were owned by Jews. While they seem prosperous, the small store is being destroyed. The Sign says "Bankrupted by Competition."

At the bottom of the poster, another caption urges:

Owners of Small Businesses

Join the

Fighting Union of the Self-Employed Middle Class.

This "Fighting Union" was an organization founded by Alfred Rosenberg to further the interest of the "little people" who were facing economic destruction caused not only by the ongoing depression, but also from the emerging large distribution warehouses and department stores.

Many of the most enthusiastic Nazis came from these "downwardly-mobile" small business owners, and this poster appealed directly to them. Although clearly playing upon Anti-Semitism, the main thrust of the message did not stress the Jews at all.

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