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  • Ludwig Hohlwein
  • 1934
In the Union of German Girls

Reichs Sport Rally of BDM

23 September 1934

In his campaign to win adherents to the HItler Youth, Baldur von Schirach had concentrated primarily on the male population. But there was also a female branch of the HJ, known as the Union of German Girls.

This poster emphasizes the opporutnity to participate in sports which the BDM offered. In Germany at the time, girls and women were usually not included in sports programs, so the BDM made it a particularly important part of their propgaganda.

The poster, however, is not terribly effective, despite the flaying figure of a young female runner, and the Swastika flag. It is a rare weak poster from the excellent commercial artist Ludwig Hohlwein.

But perhaps the full color version, which I have been unable to find, is more effective

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