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  • 1933

SA MAN Brand

Although not technically a propaganda poster, since it was not produced by any agency of the National Socialist party, this dramatic poster is certainly propaganda. It is a poster advertizing a new movie which the producers rushed into the movie theaters shortly after Hitler was installed in office.

The movie tells the melodramatic story of a young SA man named Brand, and his sufferings in service of National Socialism. The plot is full of betrayals, a love interest, and a political murder. There is humor and a lot of pathos.

The poster contains all of the traditional Nazi symbols, including the determined set of features on his face.

But the film itself was a very poor advertisement for the Nazis. The acting was wooden, the characters mere stereotypes. Joseph Goebbels, the director of the party's Propaganda Unit, was most upset by this attempt by private film makers to capitalize on the Nazi successes.

Subsequently, he will ban all such attempts to portray contemporary National Socialists.

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