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  • 1937
  • Herbert Agricola


Bolshevism Unmasked

This poster advertizes a special exhibit in Berlin staged by the NSDAP leadership, as part of the year's continuing anti-Bolshevik exhibits.

The graphic is one of the most blood-thirsty of these years. It shows the old stereotyped Communist, with skull and red hat, but now equipped with a whip with which he has lashed to death a series of dead bodies at his feet. Behind him flames consume a city. It is an apocalyptic picture of death and destruction.

Historians have not been able to explain exactly why this turn in propaganda occurred at this time. Both the Anti-Semitic and this Anti-Bolshevik campaign seems to have been gratuitously introduced in an age of relative stability and prosperity.

I suspect that these exhibits were staged by Goebbels in the full knowledge that not all was well in the Third Reich. Too many economic and organizational problems were surfacing -- and taccording to the Nazi Volks Gemeinschaft theories, hese should have long ago disappeared.

On 5 November 1937, in his famous "Hosbach" discussion with his chief military and diplomatic advisors, Hitler struck a similar tone. I don't believe that is a coincidence.

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