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  • 1935


The Great Anti-Bolshevik Exhibit


For all of their triumphs, the Nazis seemed always to need strong enemies with which they were engaged. The early NSDAP had defined itself as a party of action, of fighting. The image of the Storm Trooper, engaged in defending the fatherland from domestic fiends, was one of the most enduring propaganda features.

In early 1935, the Nazis unleashed an anti-Bolshevik campaign which it intiated with a series of travelling exhibits on the dangers of world Communism. This poster comes from the exhibit in Karlsruhe, the capital city of the German state of Baden. But its imagry is found in almost all of the posters of this exhibit.

Here Bolshevism is represented as a huge red spider, whose head is the familiar grining skull topped with the red star. Sitting in the Soviet Union, the legs of the spider can still reach out to threaten the entire world. Interestingly, missing from this presentation is the usual association with Jewry.

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