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  • 1933

What the King [Frederick the Great] conquered,

the Prince [Otto von Bismarck] shaped,

the Field Marshal [Hindenburg] defended,

the Soldier {Adolf Hitler] saved and united.

One final poster was prepared for the March 1933 election in the theme of patriotism and nationalism. In a rather akwardly composed drawing, a photograph of Hitler is superimposed on the drawings of three great German leaders. The implication is clearly that Hitler is of the same calibre as these former leaders.

Ironically, Hitler looks remarkably out of place, lacking any heroic features and even dressed in a bourgeois suit with shirt and tie.

But the thrust of the poster was clearly to put Hitler into the mainstream of German history -- here is a man who is one of us, and who can be trusted to live up to the greatness of the past. As with most of the posters from the campaign, there is nothing here that would alarm or upset a German who faced the fifth national election in less than a year!

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