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  • 1937


German Girls

Your Career:
Leader in the
Reichs Labor Service


Although the Nazi ideology for women has usually been described as advocxating "Children, Church and Kitchen [all three words begin with a "k" in German]" the reality was much more complicated.

With the backing of the Nazi Women's League, girls and young women were actively recruited for leadership role in a variety of Nazi organizations, including the Labor Service. In this poster, a RAD leader on the far right, admires a young baby held by the mother, while a young RAD volunteer assigned to the mother reaches down to hold a younger sibling.

By 1938, young women were moving into a variety of careers and this required attending college. Thus, ironically, the Nazis were instrumental in opening up more opportunities for women, despite their ideological emphasis upon her role in the family.

With the coming of the war, this process accelerated. In 1932, for example, there were only 18, 315 women enrolled in German universities. By 1944, there were 28,378!

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