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  • 1937


This poster picks up the negative side of Nazi population policies. The caption on the upper left talks about the threats to the German population through the exploding numbers of feeble minded and criminal elements. The figures show that male criminals average 4.9 children, common-law marriages average 4.4. children, while parents who are on relief average 3.5 chilren.

In contrast the average German family has 2.2 children, and parents with an education beyond high school level average only 1.9 children.

On the right side is a chart alleging "the results for the future of our Volk of the decline of worthy and the increase if inferior people"

The chart predicts that if left unchecked in 30 years, the "worthwhile" population would amount to only 35%, in 60 years it would be 20%, in 90 years only 11% and in 120 years a mere 6% of the German population.

Such scare tactics were employed to encourage such measures as sterilization of habitual criminals and the feeble-minded. In 1939, this program will escalate to murder.

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