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  • 1934
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Strength Through Joy, North Westphalia

Early in 1934, the Nazi party had introduced a leisure-time organization, modeled closely on an Italian Fascist popular organization. Called "Strength through Joy" -- Kraft durch Freude [KdF] this organization sought to bring Nazi values and outlook into the non-working daily life of Germans. They concentated upon forming vacation clubs, local festivals, dances, rallies, and especially worked to improve the appearance of factories and shops. This poster appeared just before the August 1934 plebiscite. It was issued by the KdF group in North Westphalia, and reports

  • 539 vacation trips with 134,569 participants
  • 1,958 organized festivals with 913,710 vicitors
  • 6 million Reichsmarks spent on improving factory appearances
  • 192,439 participants in KdF Sporting events.

The poster ends with:

We Continue to Build!

We Vote Hitler!

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