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  • 1937
  • Ludwig Hohlwein

Most of the Nazi propaganda concerning demographic policies in the pre-war years, while mentioning the negative aspects found in the preceding two posters, took a positive and "uplifting" approach. Here is one of Ludwig Hohlwein's most successful posters. It features an attractive young blonde, her arm outstretched in the Hitler salute, her right arm grasping the standard for a flag similar to those in the backgrtound.

The caption is unexceptional:

Union of German
Girls in the
Hitler Youth

But the undertones of the Eugenics program is clearly present. In the Nazi world view, a woman's prime function was to bear children for the Volk. And to this end, developing healthy women, trained in exercise and proper ideological outlook, was a crucial prerequisite for a healthy population.

The BdM took this charge very seriously. The program stressed equally domestic accomplishments (sewing, cooking, child dare) physical conditioning (athletic competitions especially gymnastics, dancing, running) and ideological preparation&emdash;woman's role at the heart of the German family.

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