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  • 1933
Hitler is rebuilding

Help Him

Buy German Goods  

On 23 March 1933, the newly elected Reichstag gave Hitler's government the power to pass laws without consulting the legislature. This "Enabling Law" became the legal foundations for the subsequent Nazi dictatorship.

But the first step which the Nazi party introduced was a boycott of Jewish businesses. Set for 1 April 1933, this boycott alleged that foreign Jews were boycotting Germany and so, as a "defensive measure" the Nazis had to strike back. This poster came out as part of that campaign.

It shows the characteristic Nazi vision of a German worker -- sleeves rolled up, face set in determination as he lifts a block into place. In the background, the Nazi Swastika flag flies over a field in which a German farmer is bring hopme a crop.

The caption at the bottom urges Germans to buy only German goods. Although it does not specify that they should not patronize Jewish stores, that is implied.

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