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  • 1936


N. S. Community
Through Joy

Strength Through Joy [Kraft durch Freude = KdF] was the Nazi imitation of a popular Italian Fascist organization, the After-Hours Society.

Formed in 1933 by Robert Ley after he had successfully brought about the Gleichschaltung of the various German labor unions and clubs, the KdF offered a whole host of activities for workers and their families. These included sporting events, musical evenings, dances, hikes, lectures, and other forms of entertainment such as movies, slide shows, and museum visits. But far and away the most popular activity sponsored by the KdF were inexpensive vacations.

In the 1930s, regular vacations away from home were a luxury in which only the wealthy could indulge. The KdF created its own travel bureaus, organized low-cost tours, purchased or built hotels, ski-lodges, and sea-side resorts. One of its most innovative programs, however, was the building of special cruise ships. Designed specially for average Germans, they were lavishly decorated and frequented the North Sea and fjord area of Norway which had long been the favorite haunts of the yachting upper class. William II, for example, always spent a month each year cruising the fjords. Now that experience could come within the reach of a German worker.

This poster features a fjord landscape, and the "unwinding" which such a trip permitted.

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