Consolidation of Power
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  • 1933
An Army of Workers and of Peace

answer the Führer



This is the first graphics poster that appeared to support the Plebiscite on leaving the League of Nations and the Disarmament Conference.

Note how carefully the poster avoids any suggestion of foreign ambitions or even of a desire to rearm Germany. Instead, a clever photomontage shows clips from the job-creation programs which Hitler's government had introduced in the summer of 1933.

The center picture shows Hitler himself, shovelling out the first cut for the planned super-highways, the Autobahnen. The picture at the bottom shows unemployed men marching out with shovels for this project.

The full implication is one of domestic priorities. Hitler was using a foreign issue to further strengthen his control at home. With all the other political parties either banned or dissolving themselves, Hitler could now achieve the overwhelming majority which had escaped him in March 1933.

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