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  • 1937


Germany's Modern


This poster was also produced in 1937, but for foreign, not domestic consumption.

It was part of a campaign to attract tourists to Germany, and stresses the new modern architecture which was everywhere going up. In contrast to the innovative Bauhaus style of the Weimar Republic, this new architecture stressed continuity, especially with romantic visions of Imperial Rome.

Perfected first by Albert Speer in a series of buildings he designed for the Nürnberg Party Rallies,. by 1937 it was being employed by a whole groups or achitects whom Hitler had commissioned to rebuild Berlin and Munich.

A frustrated architect, Hitler devoted much of his official business hours to talking with these "colleagues" and pouring over their designs. Speer owed much of his rise to prominence to his syncophantic use of some of Hitler's own sketches as "inspiration" for his plans.

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