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  • 1937
All Ten-Year-Olds, to us!


This is one of the most famous recruitment posters of the early years of the Third Reich. It shows a smiling and charming young girl, standing before the Flag of the Hitler Youth (the three bands of color with a diamond Swastika).

She is wearing the kerchief and slip-pin that was part of the uniform of the female division of the Hitler Youth -- the BdM [Bund deutsche Mädel = Union of German Girls].

In August 1936, Baldur von Schirach had finally persuaded the Ministry of the Interior to introduce a bill making membership in the Hitler Youth and BdM obligatory! Presented to the Cabinet (which according to the Enabling Law of 1933 had full power to legislate), it produced a muted opposition.

Eltz von Rübenach, the Minister of Transportation, a devout Catholic, voiced his strong objections. He spoke about the way the HJ and BdM organization constantly attacked religious authorities and undermined parental example. Although Hitler privately told Rübenach that he personally disapproved of such behavior, the mandatory law was passed, and Rübenach was forced to resign.

This poster appeared just after the HJ/BdM law went into effect. Henceforth, all 10 year olds would have to register either with the HJ or the BdM.

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