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  • 1933


is building up

Vote List 1 

This is an unusual poster, with a Swastika turned into an apartment block. Although it might recall Hitler's earlier obsession with architecture, it was never used again. Thus, it seems likely that this is just one of many attempts by the Nazi Party to come up with vivid images to attract support in this hotly contested election.

Although the drawing is technically competent, the message seems rather ambiguous. Is it a promise of better housing for the poor and unemployed? The building looks like the subsidized apartment houses thrown up by the Socialist governments of the Weimar Republic. The square corners and monotomous window arrangements appear to come from the Bauhaus School, which had been roundly criticized as "un-German" by Alfred Rosenberg and his guardians of Aryan Culture. Is Hitler going to build in that style?

Moreover, the absence of humans is vaguely oppressive. Is Hitler only interested in the buildings and not the people who inhabit them?

Whatever the difficulties this poster has, however, it is historically quite important because it is the first one in the Reichstag Election campaign of February-March 1933 which introduced a third theme. In addition to the "bread and work" and the "Hindenburg" card, Goebbels now begins to stress the Führer principal -- the deification of Adolf Hitler. Although the election was for the Reichstag, a whole series of posters make it seem as if Hitler were running (he was not).

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