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  • Ludwig Hohlwein
  • 1933
1st SS Review of

"Group East" of Berlin

This is the earliest poster I have found which features the Schutzstaffel [Protective Staff = Bodyguard], the Nazi SS.

Founded in 1925, it remained a very small and insignificant part of the SA until young Heinrich Himmler was appointed its head in 1929.

Driven by his own racial obsessions, Himmler devised the black uniforms and gave to his organization an elitist and athletic form. From his very first days in office, he opened the SS only to racially "pure" Aryans.

Himmler also adopted old Germanic and Norse ruinic symbols for his organization, required both officers and men to leave the Christian Churches, and yet deliberately conceived his SS as the equivalent of the Jesuits, the disciplined corps that would be at the heart of the Nazi party.

This poster by Ludwig Hohlwein, the prominant Munich commercial artist, catches the symbolism of the SS, and its elitist approach.

It was issued for the first general review of the Berlin branch of the SS, Group East, held during the second week of August 1933.

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