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  • 1933
We want a Peace with Honor!

This poster appeared as a call for support of the German Government's decision to leave the League of Nations and the Disarmament Conference in Geneva. Although promised that Germany would be treated as a fully equal partner in the disarmament talks, the installation of the Hitler-Papen cabinet frightened France, and in the summer of 1933, Paris introduced all sorts of delayinjg tactics. In November, therefore, Foreign Minister Neurath urged Hitler to withdraw from the conference and the League of Nations (its sponsor) until Germany's equality was fully recognized.

Hiter immediately saw the domestic advantages in such a move and scheduled a plebiscite and Reichstag elections (although he had promised that elections were finished for four years). This poster was the kick-off in the campaign. The text reads: 

We do not want weapons, but Equality of Rights
We have fulfilled out Disarmament Obligations
But other nations have increased their armaments.
But we too have a Right to Security.
Germany's Future is YOUR Future!
Germany's Secruity is YOUR Secruity
Germany's Honor is YOUR Honor!

Adolf Hitler wants Peace!

Vote with a Yes!

Vote the Führer and His Men into the Reichstag!

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