German Posters
for its Occupied Countries


Following its occupation of a long list of European states -- including Poland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, and the USSR -- German propagandists produced stunning posters which continued many of the most popular Nazi motifs.

This collection of 45 posters show a number of common themes, the foremost of which was frequent insistence upon Germany's inevitable victory.

But a second theme is even more predominant. As the war devoured an increasing number of German soldiers, German authorities sought to attract recruits from the occupied countries. This campaign was undertaken primarily by the SS whose recruitment posters are some of the most graphic in this collection. Note in particular the emphasis placed upon the racial unity of "Germanic Europe," and the identification of the common enemy -- Communism and the Jews

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 Abandoned Populations, Trust the Germans! (1940)
 For this Way of the Cross, We must Thank England (1940)
 The Women and Children of Europe Accuse the RAF (1940)
 My Little One will never die for England (1941)

 Leave us in Peace! (1942)
 The German Soldier is Your Friend (1942)
 The German Soldier means Victory (1942)
 "The Soviet Union is Happy and Prosperous (1942)

 The Hammer and Sickel; Death and Hunger (1942)
 Germany Freed You from Bolshevism (1942)
 The Power of Germany Insures Victory (1943)
 Volunteer for the Speer Brigade (1943)

 When you work in Germany, insure French Quality (1943)
 The Bad Days are over; Daddy has a job in Germany (1943)
 They shed their Blood. You give your Work (1943)
 In Service of our People (1943)

 Moscow Orders (1943)
  Bolshevism is Death! (1943)
 Europe United Against Bolshevism (1943)
 To Work for a better Future (1943)

  Is Anyone Else Disatisfied? (1943)
 Stalin's Blood-Thirsty Program (1943)
 Jewish Commissar in Winniza(1943)
 Yids are the Rats of Bolshevism (1943)

 Yids don't belong among Us (1943)
 Harm to Europe (1943)
 Why Germany will Win
 The American Press is 97% Jewish (1943)

 The Jewish Plot against Europe (1943)
 Behold the Soviets (1943)
 Cultural Terror (1943)
 France is First Bastion (1944)

 For Quisling and the New Norway (1941)
 Freedom (1941)
 Front Against the Reds (1942)

 Fighters (1942)
 Enemies of our Country (1942)
 The Red Menace (1942)
 Threat to Norway (1943)

 Do You Want Them Here? (1943)
 Do You Want to Live under this? (1943)
 Stalingrad as Victory (1943)
 Frontline Fighter (1943)

 The Norske Legion Defends our People (1943)

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