The Great Depression
Propaganda Posters

This page contains 35 posters illustrating the way various German parties attempted to use the issues arising out of the Great Depression to advance their propaganda. Although the agricultural sector of the Republic's economy had never regained its prewar strength, the late 1920s had seen a boom for industrial and commercial enterprises. What only a few experts knew, however, was that this "roaring twenties" prosperity depended to a very large extent upon foreign (primarily American) loans, and when these were recalled following the crash of the New York Stock Exchange, the weak German economy collapsed almost overnight.

This section contains posters from a number of parties, and it is noteworthy how smiliar many of their themes and graphics become. But although the Leftist Parties (that is the Socialists (SPD) and the Communists (KPD) seemed the best prepared to exploit the economic crisis, the National Socialists were quick to take advantage of the situation. The powerful images which the Nazis either invent or imitate clearly reveal the successful transformation of the small and rather parochial NSDAP into an attractive (if frightening) national party. This section could be considered an illustrated primer of the Brown Army on the march.

The posters on this page begin with the first tentative attempts to use the Depression as a political issue and run through the end of 1931

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Against Capitalism, Nazism and Communism (1930)
More Power to the President (1930)
Against Middle Class Block and the Swastika (1930)
Women, Think of Your Children (1930)

The Dead Hand of Department Stores (1930)
Mothers, protect your children (1930)
Christian Cross or Hakenkreuz (1930)
Down with the Brüning Dictatorship (1930)

 How will you help the SPD to win? (1930)
 Workers Defend Yourselves (1930))
 In Bavaria we tolerate no Anarchy (1930)
 DNVP identifies the enemies (1930))

 Why I switched from SPD to KPD (1930)
 Unity and Freedom with the DVP (1930)
 We are voting (1930)
 Two Pensioned men (1930))

 The Hand has Five Fingers, Vote List 5 (1930)
 We have to shovel out the dung (1930))
 The Royal Bavarian Army supports Hitler (1930)
 Death or Bread (1930)

 Workers Come join us (1930)
 Nazis can only hate and complain (1930))
 Protect your Children in the Reichswehr (1930)
 Women fight with the KPD (1930)

 Don't Desert Social Security (1930))
 SPD against Cuts in Pensions (1930))
 Away with all This! (1930))
 Give us Bread, not Cruisers (1930)

 Hitler's supporters are liars. (1930)
 115 Murdered This Year (1930)
 Nazi Puppet Show (1930)
 Massive Strike on 1 May 1930

 I'll strike even if Germany is destroyed (1931))
 Nazi Membership Card (1931)
 Women, Save the German Family (1931))
 The Organized Will of the People (1931)

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