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While representatives elected in January 1919 deliberated in the National Theater in Weimar in order to draft a new Constitution for the Republic, extremists forces, especially the so-called Spartakists, attempted a number of local revolutions. The most successful of these was the temporary creation of the "Soviet Republic of Bavaria." Lacking an army, the provisional government in Weimar had to call for help from local para-military organizations, known as the Free Corps. These were groups of veterans, unemployed and demoralized by the loss of the war, who were now recruited by ambitious officers who promised them jobs, land and security.

For most of 1919 a state of civil war raged in many parts of Germany, even as the fate of the country was being decided by the victorious powers meeting in Paris. This page contains 49 posters from that civil war period. Many also come from Eastern Europe where the newly established countries of Latvia and Lithuania appealed to the evacuating German army for volunteers to help them gain independence from Russia. In the midst of this chaos, the victorious powers imposed the Versailles Treaty upon the new Republic. In addition to disarmament and reparations, the treaty scheduled plebiscites in two German areas -- North Schleswig and Upper Silesia -- to determine whether the inhabitants wished to remain within the new German Republic. This page contains a number of posters from those campaigns. The conflict in Upper Silesia was particularly bitter and both Polish and German para-military units frequently clashed in armed conflict.

 The Thule Society (1919)
 Munich Greets the Heroes from the Front (1919)
 Munich Soviet Order to Shoot on Sight 21 February 1919
 Munich Soviet Call for General Strike, 14 April 1919

 Arm Yourself, Defend Yourself, Wake Up! (1919)
 You Too should be in the Bavarian Reichswehr (1919)
 Enlist in the Bavarian Reichswehr (1919)
 Germany Must Live, though we die! (1919)

 To Arms! Regiment Reinhard, Berlin (1919)
 Mother! (1919)
 Free Corps "The Black Hunter" (1919)
 Volunteers, Come at Once! (1919)

 For the Fatherland. Loesche Union (1919)
 Storm Battalion Schmidt (1919)
 Free Corps Hülsen, Hesse (1919)
 The Ehrhardt Brigade Marches (1919)

 Comrade Join the Tüllmann Brigade (1919)
 The Homeland is in Danger (1919)
 Volunteers Forward to the Eastern Borders (1919)
 The Goerlitz Free Corps (1919)

 North Flensberg must be saved. (1919)
 Mother, think of Me. Vote Danish (1919)
 The Schleswig-Holstein Free Corps (1919)
 The Homeland in the East (1919)

 Everything for the Fatherland (1919)
 Volunteers! To the Front! (1919)
 What We will Lose under the Versailles Treaty (1919)
 The Mutilation of Germany (1921)

 Bavarian Aide for Refugees (1919)
 Don't Forget the Rhineland (1919)
 Protest the Robbery of the Saarland (1919)
 The Saar is German and Ever Will Be (1919)

 The Homeland in Danger! Give Help. (1919)
 Defend Homeland and Family in Silesia (1921)
 Stay for Germany (1921)
 I vote for Germany! (1921)

 Free Yourselves from German Oppressors (1921)
 Don't Be a Slave to Germans (1921)
 Only the dumbest Calf would vote for the Butcher (1921)
 Homeland prays that Upper Silesia remain German (1921)

 Brothers, Report to the Bavarian Army (1920)
 Stand behind Fatherland. New Army (1920)
 The Stab in the Back (1920)
 The Stab in the Back (1920)

 Free Yourselves from the Red Chains (1920)
 Be United and Vote for the DDP (1920)
 Reconciliation, not Force (1920)
 The Enemy is in Our Own Land (1920)

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