Nazi Propaganda
in the
Last Years
of the War

This page presents 52 posters from the final three years of World War II. For Germany the easy victories were long over, and the posters take on a stridently different tone. Few of them stress the themes familiar from National Socialist posters. Instead, national patriotism and appeals for stubborn holding-on become the dominating themes.

Yet in the midst of these traditional "German" and patriotic posters, there are some blatantly anti-Semitic ones, clear indication that the National Socialist background has not entirely disappeared.

The biggest change, however, is that Joseph Goebbels and Hitler gradually discarded their "triumphalism" -- their confident assurance that victory was inevitable -- for a more realistic and even pessimistic vision of the war. The final posters show a nation beaten down, but fighting on out of a sense of honor and duty.

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 Europe is Invincible (1942)
 Victory is with our Flags (1942)
 Victory at Any Price (1942)
 One Struggle, One Will, One Goal (1942)

 The Message Carrier (1942)
 Our Luftwaffe (1942)
 Europe's Freedom from Bolshevism (1942)
 Europe's Victory is Your Prosperity (1942)

 England threatened (1942)
 The cat does not free the Mouse (1942)
 The Jews are Your Eternal Enemies (1942)
 Jews are ordered to devour the people of the earth (1942)

 Motto of Week: Destroy the Jews (1942)
 Juda's Undeniable Guilt (1942)
 Bolshevism Threatens if we fail (1942)
 The Danger of Bolshevism (1942)

 Bolshevism is worse than death! (1943)
 Hands off Europe! (1943)
 November 9, 1918; 1923; 1943
 We Will Win, Because Adolf Hitler Leads us (1943)

 Hitler at the Front (1943)
 Only Courage Overcomes (1943)
 We Will Win, 29 January 1943

 One Fight, One Victory (1943)
 Just as we fight, you work for Victory (1943)
 Create Weapons for the Front (1943)
 If You Want Oil, collect Beechnuts (1943)

 Your Work Ensures Victory (1944)
 Victory Will Be Ours (1943)
 At the End Will be Victory (1944)
 Adolf Hitler is Victory (1944)

 Everything Closed and Locked? (1944)
 Traitor! (1944)
 Don't Touch. Even duds can kill (1944)
 Light means your death (1944)

 Can you answer for this? (1944)
 The Enemy is Listening (1944)

 Bombing Targets are no Place for Children (1944)
 Victory or Bolshevism (1944)
 German Youth Work and Fight (1944)
 Yes, Johnny Bull (1944)

 Infantry: Queen of Battles (1944)
 Decree creating Volks Sturm (1944)
 For Freedom: the People's Storm (1944)
 The Front and Homeland Guarantee Victory (1944)

 One Fight, One Will, One Goal: Victory (1944)
 Hard Times, Hard Duties Hard Hearts (1944)
 Hitler Youth Volunteers (1944)
 Front City Frankfurt Will Hold (1944)

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