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Although most of the Spartakus, Communist and Socialist Posters are located in another file (to go there, click here), I have included this poster to show the kind of "threat" which the Spartakists seemed to be presenting in early 1919.

The image shows a rather distraut German worker, his hair blowing in the wind, the sky dark and threatening with hints of thunder and lightening. In the midst of this chaos, the worker lifts his sword with both hands to strike at the multi-headed serpent who surges up before him.

He has already destroyed two of its heads (shown pointing downward -- the Emperor and the German Military). But other heads have sprouted. The biggest of these is something called "the new militarism" and refers to the Free Corps/Storm Troopers of the immediate post-war period. He is allied with heads labelled Capitalism and Aristocracy (the Junkers are Prussian Squires). There is still another threatening head, however it is unlabelled. Reaching out closest to the worker, this rather fat, balding creature is clearly intended to represent the Jew.

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