Political Posters
from the Depression Years

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  • Berlin
  • Ernst Schneller, 17" x 12"
  • 1930


Two Pensioned

Metal Workers

This KPD poster shows two figures; On the left is Carl Severing, a powerful SPD politician who had recently been dismissed from a largely honorific job on the German Iron and Steel Cartel where he had served for 3 months, earing about 9,000 Marks. For this he receives a pension of 28,800 Marks annually, or 553.85 Marks a week. This pension is for the rest of his life.

Next to him is Carl Schulze who was dismissed from Siemens in January 1930. His pension is 604.25 Marks a year, or 11.26 Marks a week. But this pension will last for one year after which he has no source of income.

At the bottom of the poster, the explicit message is spelled out.

Workers! You must realize the SPD leaders are supporters of Capitalist Exploitation!

Fight with the KPD against Young-Plan, Massive Suffering and Fascism!

For Bread and Freedom!
For a Soviet Germany!

Vote Communist!

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