The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1930
 The Red Rocket

Propaganda Troop of the
Communist Youth Leage

One of the reasons why the religious parties of the Republic failed to respond more energetically to the threat of National Socialism was the widespread conviction that the real danger to Germany and Christianity came from the extremists of the Left, the Communist Party.

This poster from 1930 illustrates some of their fears. It is an advertisement for a performance by the Communist Youth propaganda theater group. There are blanks for the place, date and time, as well as entrance fee to be inserted.

The graphics shows how the group will "blow away" a Catholic Priest, a military figure, a Nazi storm trooper (with the Swastika on the seat of his pants, a plutocrat whose hat is flying off as he tries to get out of the way, and on the far right a trade-union leader.

This kind of irreverant attack upon church and society made the Nazi party seem almost tame by comparison.

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