Translation of Poster: Give Hitler Four Years

"Within Four Years, Unemployment will be Over"

This is what Adolf Hitler has promised, and his opponents laugh, saying that is far too long. We can do it in a much shorter time. But Adolf Hitler believes in promising only that which he can produce.

With 6 Million unemployed on the Street,

Hitler knows that difficulties lie ahead. But

What an Adolf Hitler promises, he will fulfill.

What an Adolf Hitler is determined to achieve, he will achieve.

[Then the text goes back to previous incidents when Hitler had promised things and not been believed.]

At the Leipzing Trial, Hitler promised that he would achieve power legally. But his opponents laughed and said he would have to break that promise if he wanted to gain power.

But Hitler kept his promise, and came to power legally.

Adolf HItler said he would become Reichs Chancellor. His opponents laughed and said that could never be accomplished. But Hitler did it.

Now, Hitler promises:

Within Four Years, Unemployment will Disappear.

Within Four Years, the Farmers will finally get relief.

His Will here too will triumph.

But he can succeed only if he is given the necessary power, independent of those political parties which have led Germany up to now.

For 14 Years, you have given these political parties time and they have used it to bring Germany into distress.

Now Give Hitler Four Year's Time to Rebuild.

You can give Hitler this power by voting for


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