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  • 1920

Was the German army defeated through a stab in the back in the World War? What kind of person would have led Volk and Vatherland into such deep misery? After the Revolution of 1918, the Secretary of the Social Democratic Party, Vater, said in Magdeburg:

We told our people who went to the front that they should desert. And we organized forged papers for these deserters and provided them with money and unsigned pamphlets. We then sent these men back to the front in many areas so that they could work on the front soldiers and undermine the whole front. They encouraged soldiers to surrender to the enemy, and so, gradually but inevitably, we prepared for the collapse."

What kind of men did the Social Democrats support? The Democrats and people like Erzberger, who then on 7 December delivered to the German people a

Second Stab in the Back

Social Democrats, in comunity with Democrats wanted

to enslave Germany to the Allies

and thus destroy our country once and for all.

If you don't want this, then

Vote German National!

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