Political Posters
from the Depression Years

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  • Hans, 35" x 23"
  • 1930


Defend Yourself against the true Masters of Germany

Vote German National List 2

Heading the page are four figures: a Communist, a Jew, a monocled Aristocrat, and an SPD union organizer. Under these are 9 boxes each containing an appeal to a special group: From left to right:

Employers: Who brought you unbearable taxes?

Civil Servants: Do you want to remain professionals or become the servants of party rule which will strip away your constitutional rights?

Handworkers: Are you going to wait until socialist government regulations devour you and destroy your middle class existence?


Workers: You must produce, but your union bosses enjoy the fruits. DO you understand this? Comrades! are you in favor of raising the union dues?

Members of the Professions: Should the mob in the street rule or should the intellectual and cultural leaders?

Women, Mothers: Should your children be nourished by such "progressive" nonsense in the publis schools [On the wall is a placard reading: "There is no God, only Bebel [KPD leader] and Lenin."

Retailers: Who supports tax advantages for Cooperatives?


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