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  • February 1919
Ballots are falling all over the Country!

Bavarian Blue and White
Against Russian Red!

Bavarian People's Party.


When the Soviet government scheduled elections in Bavaria, and surprisingly permitted all parties to participate, this poster was produced by the former Catholic Party (which in Bavaria had now adopted the name Peoples Party). The second in a series, it sought to influence the deeply conservative electorate by a determined campaign stressing the Bolshevik dangers.This poster features a rather ugly man, with stereotypical Jewish features, fleeing from a deluge of Blue and White Ballots.The man is carrying a bright red handkerchief, hence the motto of the poster.

The overwhelming presence of Jewish Communists and intellectuals in the Munich Soviet Republic -- including Kurt Eisner and the two agents sent to Bavaria by Lenin -- provided the plausible background for this identification.. Clearly this poster is suggesting that Bavaria ought to be run by Bavarians, not outsiders. Thus, this poster while primarily a pro-Bavarian statement, contains a not-too-subtle anti-Semitic tone.

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