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  • February 1919
The Bolsheviks are running amok!
Out with them on Election Day
Bavarian People's Party.


This is the first of three posters produced by the Bavarian Catholic Party (which had adopted the name Bavarian Peoples Party) and aimed at the traditionally conservative electorate. This one shows an asiatic barbarian, swooping down on Germany. One hand has already grasped Berlin, the capital of Germany, and he thrusts a torch toward Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

This poster clearly attempts to play upon the shock Bavarians experienced when a Soviet Republic was proclaimed in Munich. Although led by an idealistic and rather naive music critic, Kurt Eisner, this first "German Soviet Republic" was receiving aid from Lenin's USSR, so this poster was no great exaggeration.

Like his master Karl Marx, Lenin believed that the first great proletariat revolution would occur in Germany, with its disciplined and well-organized socialist unions. Disappointed by the failure of the Sparakists to gain power in December 1918-January 1919, Lenin sent a number of agents to Munich to help firm up the Soviet government there.

Not listening to these advisers -- most of whom were Jewish -- Kurt Eisner scheduled Bavarian elections for February 1919. This poster was prepared for that election.

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