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  • Summer 1919
Christian People!
Can Spartakus rip down your Churches?
Give your Answer on Election Day

Bavarian People's Party.


This is another of the anti-Bolshevik posters with which the Catholic Party (which in Bavaria had adopted the name Peoples Party) sought to influence its deeply conservative electorate. This splendid graphic shows a nude figure, wearing some sort of Roman helmet, ripping apart the Cathedral of Munich, the Frauenkirche, Church of Our Lady. The "sky" is the famous blue and white checked pattern that is so omnipresent in Bavaria and was in the old coat of arms of the Monarchy.

This third poster from the same party in 1919 features the same formula -- a graphic picture, and a few lines of print. Each poster shows only one of the issues upon which the Bavarian People's Party was taking a stand: i.e. anti-Communism, pro-Bavarian, and pro-Catholic. Thus, little demand was made upon the audience in interpreting the thrust of this propaganda.

This was probably the most successful in the series, because the sight of a warrior tearing down the Munich cathedral surely brought to mind the other stories circulating throughout Germany about the Soviet war against religion in Lenin's USSR.

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