John Constable:
Stratford Mill

Click on the picture to see an enlarged version.

    • Oil on canvas, 51 1/2 x 72 1/2 inches
    • 1819-24
    • Yale Center for British Art, New Haven Connecticut

This is another beautifully detailed picture of the river Stour, showing the banks of the Mill at Stratford. I have visited this site and was awed by the remarkable way Constable has managed not only to catch the accuracy of the spot, but also that he captured the ambience of a lazy summer afternoon. In 1824 he repainted the scene and released it under a new title, the Young Waltonians, a reference to the young fishermen in the scene.

Once again, Constable has surrounded his modest human figures with a glorious frame. The trees, with their variety of delicate colors, are beautifully painted, and the sky has just a hint of rain.

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