Baroque Art and Catholicism

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It in no way presumes to give anything more than a rather skimpy selection of some of the greatest artists working in the Baroque period (roughly 1550 through 1620). The criteria for selecting individual works for inclusion on this site was twofold: firstly, are the works characteristic of the Baroque style and subject matter, and secondly, do they illustrate the important relationship of works of art with the Catholic Reformation (sometimes called the Counter-Reformation) which inaugurated by the Council of Trent ((1545-1566).


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Bronzino, Agnolo


 Carracci, Agostino and Annibale


Holy Family (1555)
 Madonna with Saints (1588)


The Early Baroque Masters



Michelangelo Merisi (1573-1610)

 Rubens, Peter Paul


Martyrdom of St. Peter (1602)

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