Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun:

    • Oil on Panel 1781
    • 24 3/8 x 211/4 inches
    • Kimbell Museum, Ft Worth Texas

Vigée-Lebrun was 26 when she painted this charming self-portrait. Like the first, it gives no hint about the occupation of the sitter. She has not yet developed that self-consciousness of being totally an artist. Instead, she portrays herself as a bright-eyed young beauty. The palinting of her dress is not overly ostentatious, and she looks out at the viewer with a steady, but somewhat modest demeanor.

The original of this picture is in a private collection in Paris, but two authentic copies were made by the artist herself, apparently as samples of what she could do. This print is from the Fort Worth museum.Nevertheless, she found time to paint an extensive series of self portraits.

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