Adelaide Labille-Guiard:
Madame Victoire

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    • Oil on Canvas 1788
    • 271 x 194 cm
    • Musée National du Chateau de Versailles

In 1788 Labille-Guiard painted this picture of Madame Victoire, another of the daughter of Louis XV and thus eldest sister to Louis XVI. With the hindsight of history, it seems appropriate that this portrait is of a night scene, the twilight as it were of the glittering splendor of Bourbon royalty. But of course, Labille-Guiard had no such intentions.

The picture is a tour de force of lighting, with the Princess's beautiful violet dress picking up the flowers on the left, and the evening sky.

In their rivalry, Labille-Guiard counted on the support of the King's royal sisters and the circles that surrounded them. Vigée-Lebrun was rapidly adopted by the "outsider" Marie Antoinette.

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