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    An electronically accessible INDEX VERBORUM, drawn from a critical decade of Dr. Martin Luther's writings from the period 1516-1525, is being created in the Department of Germanic Studies at Boston College in Massachusetts, USA.

    This project to produce a word index of a specialized nature is presently nearing its final phase. On completion, the Martin Luther Index Verborum will provide a reference guide to essential words occurring in 323 selected individual writings of Matin Luther in German. These are from the critical historical period of 1516 through 1525, based on texts contained in 13 volumes of the Weimar Critical Edition of Luthers Werke, 1883. It's final electronic form it will facilitate scholars ability to rapidly ascertain locations of specific words in original text sources. This will allow ready access to Luther's linguistic or contextual usage, and hence enable analysis of his original meaning or intent.

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